Customer Testimonials

"I've saved my company a significant amount of money over the last 23 years by using National Toner and Ink for our printing and copying needs. The quality of the compatible and remanufactured products I purchase through National Toner and Ink is as good as the original without the higher cost." Ken

"I've been ordering from National Toner and Ink for 12 years. I recommend them to our "sister" companies because of their exceptional service and cost savings. It helps that their products are of the highest quality." Sally

"National Toner and Ink is fabulous and has great customer service! I've needed unique and unusual items in the past and my account representative delivers every time." Annie

"I like to speak with someone on the phone when I order our printer products. I've never been stuck in a phone tree or had to leave a message. I always get to speak with a "live" person. On top of that, my account representative is the best! She is friendly, knowledgeable, and always gets me the best prices." Michael

"National Toner and Ink has excellent pricing, quality products, and the best customer service around!" Alison

"Always friendly and fast! National Toner and Ink goes out of their way to ensure competitive and fair pricing." Veronica

"National Toner and Ink is absolutely wonderful! They go above and beyond in customer service and exceed my expectations." Shelby

"Because of National Toner and Ink's exceptional service and great pricing, my office has ordered from them for over 10 years. Keep up the good work NTI!" Sandy

"I recommend National Toner and Ink to everyone." Evangeline

"National Toner and Ink is an excellent company to purchase toner and ink from. I trust them to keep me stocked on all my needs." Albert

"National Toner and Ink has always been great to work with and the account representatives are wonderful. However, you really find out what a company is worth when you have a problem. When we had a couple of bad cartridges come in-and it's only happened once-they immediately replaced them and switched vendors to make sure it would never happen again. They back up their cartridges 100%, and they mean it!" Russ